Compensation Of A Medical Mistake

What if The Doctors Committed a Medical Mistake?

The doctor mistreated me and caused me health problems, What is the liability of the doctor and the hospital, and to who I shall resort? Am I entitled to compensation?

Compensation Of A Medical Mistake

If an error is found by the doctor that results in damage to the patient, the patient is entitled to compensation For that Medical Mistake by bringing an action for material and psychological damage valued by the court

Proof of error and proof of the damage and the existence of causation is the adjudication of the alleged compensation cases and is obliged to establish the elements of the compensation claim from the evidence of error and damage and the causal relationship between them provided that an initial claim is submitted to the medical liability committee

The responsibility of the doctor or surgeon is shared with the hospital where the operation was carried out or where he received the detection or treatment would be Compensation Of A Medical Mistake

Although the responsibility of the doctor or hospital is not based on an obligation to achieve a certain result of the patient’s recovery or the success of his operation, the doctor is committed to giving genuine care for his recovery.

The doctor’s duty to care for and to provide him with the knowledge and knowledge of the circumstances of a doctor who is alert to his colleagues in the course of his work,

taking into account the traditions of the profession and the established and purely scientific origins Regardless of the issues in which the people of this profession differ, we will open the door to their struggle.

If he deviates from the performance of his duty to the extent required, he is an error that entails responsibility for the harm to the patient and the opportunity to be treated as long as this error interferes with the cause of the injury.

A proven medical error in which the liability of the doctor and the causal link between error and harm has been established is a matter of fact that the court of the subject is at its discretion.