Breaching Of Contracting Agreement in UAE Law

Breaching Of Contracting Agreement in UAE Law

Failure to adhere to the obligations of the contract is termed a Breach of Contract in the UAE

I contracted with a contracting company to build a villa and paid the agreed contract price, but the company abstained from fulfilling its obligation” Breach of Contract”.

What are my rights to this company and do I have the right to seek compensation for this damage?

In the event that the contractor fails to perform the contract ” Breach of Contract”, the owner may seek the court to claim the payment to the contractor with legal interests from the date of the abstaining and breach of the contract, and compensation for the damage caused by the contractor’s act of abstention

First: with regard to the request for the termination of the contract and the situation to be reinstated:

Failure to implement the obligation is a material act that may be proved by evidence and evidence, and the judgment and the evidentiary standard are the cases, as long as the conclusion of the obligation leads to the conclusion that it has reached.

The rights and obligations of the contract shall be fulfilled by both parties.

The contract must be executed in accordance with what was included and, in a manner consistent with what was good faith.

Second: With respect to the claim for compensation for the delay.

According to the provisions of articles 76, 77, 88, and 90 of the Commercial transactions Act, if the debt arises from a business and is related to a known amount of money at the time of the obligation’s emergence and the delay in payment of the debtor, the creditor may require an interest in compensation for the delay.